App Features

A pharmacy relief company offers various features to support pharmacies. These include on-demand staffing solutions, connecting pharmacies with licensed pharmacists for temporary coverage. The company's platform typically allows pharmacies to post shifts, review available pharmacists' profiles, and select suitable candidates. Features may also include automated scheduling, compliance tracking, and seamless communication between pharmacies and relief pharmacists.

Online Platform

A digital platform where pharmacies can post their staffing needs and relief pharmacists can find available shifts.

Matching Algorithm

An algorithm that matches relief pharmacists to pharmacy shifts based on their availability, location, and skills.

Profile Management

Profiles for both pharmacies and relief pharmacists, including their credentials, work history, and preferences.

Availability Calendar (Comming soon)

A calendar feature that allows relief pharmacists to update their availability and pharmacies to see when they need coverage.


Automated alerts for both pharmacies and relief pharmacists about available shifts, new job postings, and shift confirmations.

Shift Booking

A system for relief pharmacists to request and book shifts directly through the platform.

Credentials Verification

A process to verify the licenses and certifications of relief pharmacists before they are allowed to work through the platform.

Rating and Review System

A way for pharmacies and relief pharmacists to rate and review each other based on their experiences.

Billing and Payments

A feature that handles payments from pharmacies to relief pharmacists, including invoicing and payment processing.

Communication Tools

In-app messaging or communication channels to discuss shift details, expectations, and requirements.


Integration of geolocation to help pharmacies find relief pharmacists nearby and vice versa.

Shift Reminders

Automated reminders for both parties to ensure they don't miss a shift.

Customized Filters

Filters that allow pharmacies to search for relief pharmacists based on specific criteria like experience level, specialization, or language skills.

Support and Help Center

Access to customer support or a help center for troubleshooting and assistance.

Reporting and Analytics

Data and insights for pharmacies to track their staffing needs, usage patterns, and expenses.

Privacy and Security

Robust security measures to protect the personal and professional information of pharmacies and relief pharmacists.

Legal and Compliance

Ensuring the platform complies with relevant labor laws, regulations, and industry standards.

Mobile App

A user-friendly mobile app for both relief pharmacists and pharmacies to access the platform on the go.

Integration with Pharmacy Software

Compatibility with pharmacy management software to streamline the scheduling and reporting processes.


The ability for pharmacies to find last-minute relief, and for relief pharmacists to offer their services on short notice.